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theperutravel.com Discover chocolate secret at Cusco jungle along with a local family at Maranura village. Forget about common paths, explore a particular and brand new circuit that will captivate you with its waterfalls, fruit plantations, coffee and chocolate. Finis... (ver mas)


theperutravel.com Explore breathtaking natural landscapes, flavors and secrets that Cusco’s jungle keep. Take an epic bicycle ride by crossing mountains and rivers in the jungle. Discover a particular and brand new circuit that will captivate you with its waterfalls, ... (ver mas)

Cusco Private Tours

pumadventuresperu.com Trek to Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day One of our most requested tours is our one day trip to the rainbow mountain from Cusco. You will have seen many pictures of the rainbow mountain, proudly boasting its unmistakable earthly hues of red, yellow and... (ver mas)

Ausangate 7 lakes - Pumadventures Peru

pumadventuresperu.com Apus: The Sacred Spirits of the Mountains The Apus are powerful spirits and beings of light which have been considered to be manifested in the mountains for millennia. The are seen as guardians and guides, and masters to help us. Many andean communit... (ver mas)

Montaña de Colores

La Montaña de Colores fue el primer lugar que visité en Cusco, se encuentra a unas 3 horas aproximadamente del centro de la ciudad, el trekking duro 6 horas entre ida y retorno, hace mucho frio y la altura afecta, asi que si vas a visitarla, debes d... (ver mas)

Camino Inca a Machu Picchu

peruadventuretrek.com El camino Inca es un sendero que te lleva a la gran ciudadela de Machu Picchu. Cuando comience la caminata por el camino inca, se dará cuenta de que la alegría de caminar por el Camino Inca no es solo en la fuerza física o en el paisaje, las ruinas i... (ver mas)

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